Coping as the CODE RED Generation By Yocheved Golani

Missiles are whistling through the skies, occasionally but not always answered by a “BOOM!” from Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile system. Children and the parents who love them are frantic, running to save their lives.


They’re physically and emotionally exhausted from months of unpredictable missile firings. Buildings, vehicles and the very ground of Israel are in flames or piles of broken debris. The Kneset’s brokering of still another ceasefire is fraying already worn and fragile nervous systems. Is this a recent problem? No, Hamas has been firing missiles into Israel for 10 years! 40 of them arrived this morning.


Following the News and Running to Save Your Life


Israel provides 700 million Dollar’s worth of free electricity and water to the PA.


Meanwhile, Operation Pillar of Defense is being followed on radio, television and the Internet by Israelis desperate for information and life-saving news. Weddings and other events are being interrupted by TZEVA ADOM Code Red warnings that alert Israelis to “Run for your lives”. School children are terrified when hearing the sirens as they travel to and from school. Israel’s Home Front Command has issued directions on how to behave during missile attacks.


Getting a Grin Back


How can the population keep smiling and keep up its morale under the intense stress? Israeli radio stations are filling airtime and ears with classic feel-good “oldies” and folk music. News updates, though, are making some listeners miserable.


Esther Hilf Revivo says “I did something wise. I woke up so tense from this non-stop bombardment; sirens and rocketing. I had to go into town and run errands. Since coming home I've been listening to lovely music and NOT putting on the radio. My nerves are frayed enough as it is… If you southern friends want a break from the tension, do what I did: Instead of news with constant announcements of present sirens/ rocketing, pick the music of your choice instead! May Hashem watch over us all! And, may we break the Hamas and not cease fighting before there is a TRUE end to this untenable existence of rocketing! Amen!”


Avraham Goodman lives in southern Israel. He says “After all these days of constant booming both from Gaza and from Israel my nerves are starting to unravel. I've been caught outside walking our dog three times and ran home. Life goes on. We do everything we have to do, knowing that the next shoe can fall at any time. We have booming day and night. I know our guys are doing a great job. May they be allowed to finish the job.”


Charitable Thoughts



David Morris, chairman of The Israeli organization Lemaan Achai in central Israel’s Ramat Bet Shemesh explains that “… Our activities include helping evacuees with their primary safety and material needs - and providing positive outlets via entertainment and fun activities, especially the kids. We are currently running fun days carnivals in Beit Shemesh for kids from the south, together with local institutions, such as yeshivot and seminaries.”


Relief with Fun


The CODE RED Generation is doing what it can to cope with ever-increasing stress worsened by rumors of a pending ceasefire. They have a history of causing more Israeli deaths and damage. On Monday November 19thPikud HaOref, Israel’s Home Front Command, sponsored a trip to the Jerusalem zoo for families from the heavily hit south. Devorah Horev comments that “Just from our moetza there were 24 buses, 1500 people. All in all we were a huge amount of people there, about 10,000 southerners. I think it will take the animals about a month to recuperate from us! But it was great!”


Mental health resources are stretched Thin


Therapists sometimes use long-lasting, quickly effective EMDR techniques among other proven ways to help traumatized people.


Rochel Geller is an EFT practitioner. Emotional Freedom Technique EFT involves three simultaneous activities to help a person calm emotion, relax forceful opinions and seek out solutions: 1) Tapping with your fingertips on specific points on the face and upper body. Acupressure points, they represent different aspects of the body, as well as being a distracting touch, 2) Feeling the feeling, or believing the current belief, exactly as it is, just allowing it to be there, and 3) Challenging the feeling by saying aloud what one thinks is more logical. EFT has a well-deserved reputation for working miraculously.


Rochel notes that “When a person is in a crisis, like a war, they have a high state of emotional arousal. There is the very real fear of a bomb possibly killing or injuring them or someone they love. There are opinions which aren't politically correct. Family dynamics often seem to explode just when you need support the most.” Rochel adds “A person has emotions, sensations and underlying beliefs. We rely on them when we make decisions and take action. Emotion can lead to heartfelt prayer, focus, and important action. We take input from a clenched gut, a rushing of blood in our cheeks, and a strong emotion to know what we think about something. But sometimes emotions are based on non-facts. EFT can help a person inject a dose of logic while feeling feelings, while believing beliefs.


Unity and Prayer


As always, Israelis of every imaginable stream of Jewish observance are uniting with a sense of “We’re in this together.” Many Israelis and Israel-supporters are praying for injured IDF soldiers who need prayers for their healing.


Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks shared this message on Facebook: “How do you live with the constant threat of violence and war? That takes faith. Israel is the people that has always been sustained by faith, faith in God, in the future, in life itself. And though Israel is a secular state, its very existence is testimony to faith: the faith of a hundred generations that Jews would return; the faith that led the pioneers to rebuild a land against seemingly impossible odds; the faith that after the Holocaust the Jewish people could live again; the faith that, in the face of death, continues to say: choose life. (Taken from ‘Israel – Home of Hope’ by Chief Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks)”


Yocheved Golani is a certified Melavah Holim under the auspices of TISHKOFET and certified in Counseling Skills by Refuah Institute.


Yocheved is the author of highly acclaimed and very calming E-book and print edition It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry If I Need To: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge from Booklocker

It addresses and solves many needs of disabled, ill and recovering readers.