The VOICE: Bringing Back Great Singing

The VOICE: Bringing Back Great Singing
By Yocheved Golani

What do the greatest Voices and Singers of the past have in common with a woman currently listed in The Worldwide Who’s Who? They understand that the Giro-Vocal-Motion Technique (GVMT) taught exclusively by Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman, is the only way to achieve a trouble free, healthy voice that will last them a lifetime. In musical terms this is called Bel Canto Technique and it produced the extraordinary voices of the Golden Age of Vocal Music.

 Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman, Vocal Pedagogue/Re-constructionist and Technician, has spent over 35 years re-developing this lost art of teaching and proposes “Giro-Vocal-Motion Technique” worldwide through her teaching and lecturing. Decrying the negative influences of far too many voice teachers who are responsible today for the destructive practices of vocal training in every genre of singing, she openly challenges the World of Vocal Arts as a Whole - anytime, anywhere.

International personalities like Broadway Star Julie Andrews, Maestro Richard Bonynge, Dame Joan Sutherland, Italian Pop star Riccardo Foresi, Brazilian Jazz Diva Elin, Baritone Marc Oetterli etc. endorse the work. Singers, cantors and rabbis and voice teachers around the world, use Miriam’s voice- and life-lessons to preserve the quality of their singing voices decades longer than the average recording star’s. Among those life-lessons are Arman’s open objections to the entertainment industry’s “Packaging mind set” that ruins the careers and lives of rising and inevitably falling stars in the classical and pop music worlds. She says that “Marketers want the public to buy into the drama of personal lives and misfortunes, momentary fame and alluring glitz. Opera stars struggle to retain their voices after often very short careers. The downward spiral continues after they lose their abilities to sing, leading to drugs, alcohol etc. Many singers, after loosing their own voices then use their popularity and become voice teachers. This is a very serious part of the overall problem; Singers are NOT teachers.

Arman cites one recent and riveting example of the nightmare, explaining that “Extraordinary talent pop star Whitney Houston died tragically and needlessly after suffering the loss of her singing instrument. I blame the ignorant ways in which people in Whitney’s world addressed her vocal problems leading directly to her untimely death on the night she was to perform for the 2012 Grammy Awards. No one she sought out or consulted was able to re-construct her voice. Her voice was her life – as is the story with so many singers. She has not been the only singing star with horrific vocal problems requiring vocal rest, steroids, Botox injections and the latest invention - mechanical vocal chords. The agony can be prevented with the correct use of the voice properly trained as the musical instrument it is.

In over 35 years of work Arman has never met a student she could not teach. “I’ve encountered unreachable personalities, but I have found that all voices, in every genre, respond to GVMT without fail. They return to their former glory. In most cases those voices improve, and become far better than before.”

As for the life lessons that compliment her vocal skills teaching repertoire, Arman says “Voice is the greatest gift G-d gave us. To a real singer, Bel Canto, beautiful singing, is a goal above all others! But despite the proliferation of voice coaches, I am often asked why neither those coaches nor their students really know what it is nor how to explain it. I travel the world, seeing and hearing destructive voice techniques and their unfortunately inevitable results. I am appalled by what is out there. Bel Canto, beautiful singing, has been lost. Voices that used to last lifetimes are short lived today. GVMT is the only way for the singer to retain the perfect use of their vocal instrument for a lifetime; free from force and strain, able to produce a voice that responds to every thought through a natural process that allows the instrument to grow and grow without limit in a healthy manner.”

Author of The Voice: A Spiritual Approach to Singing, Speaking and Communicating (4 Editions), Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman has proven the validity of "Giro Vocal Motion Technique" time and again in America, Europe, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Slovenia, South America, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Russia, and the Ukraine. Driven to restoring the knowledge of correct singing, passed down through the ages, she openly fights the deterioration of singing voices in the world. “Incorrect singing technique ruins beautiful voices – today, tomorrow, always.”

The founder of The International Institute of Vocal Development Tzfat Ltd. Israel, Arman, notes that her impressive world center of voice instruction has students from around the world. Lessons convey precise information and an understanding of the workings and needs of the vocal instrument. Arman never sings during her teaching efforts. She doesn't need to. Her classes provide every student with the complete opportunity to connect to his/her own instrument and to his/her full vocal potential.

The payoff for the students is significant. The wisdom of Arman’s motto, ”When your voice comes together your life comes together – if you are born a singer” proves itself worldwide in the expanding singing careers of her students.

Miriam Jaskierowicz Arman’s books are available in English and German (hard copy and e-book) at AMAZON. Italian and Hebrew translations are expected for 2013.

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